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IS this you?

How many times have you tried getting in shape to find yourself quitting only a few weeks later?

Are you an experienced lifter who has hit a plateau?

Do you really want to be thinking about how much weight you used last week? how many sets you should be doing? how long to rest?

Let me HELP you.
I handle EVERYTHING, ALL you have to do is go to the gym and EXECUTE.

What i can do for you

  • DESIGN a personalized program.

  • PRESCRIBE very specific WEIGHTS to use, specific VOLUME to be done and EXERCISE CUES to keep in mind.

  • Analyze form through VIDEO and VERBAL FEEDBACK.

  • UPDATE program WEEKLY so you don’t STAGNATE.

Who am I?

Coach & Athlete


I’ve COMPETED and trained myself from having NEVER picked up a bar to lifting INSANE weights.


I’ve played PRO TENNIS, as well as having TRAINED and COACHED some of the TOP PLAYERS (Men & Women) in the WORLD at the MOST PRESTIGIOUS tournaments.

Martial Arts

I train Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. I’ve had the privilege to TRAIN and LEARN on the mats alongside Gracie’s, MMA fighters, Coral Belts and many Black Belts.

Everything I’ve done has transferred over to ALL parts of life and into the TRAINING METHODS I use.

What are you waiting for?

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